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The last time I wrote anything that is not on email was at school in my diary. The truth is, I am not a good writer. But, I have been advised by my marketing & web consultant that blogging is the way to go to reach out to my global customers. I also realized that the blog can also help me record the trials & tribulations of being an entrepreneur. So, here I am, launching my blog.

My business, Brex International was started in 2002. Then, it was a spur of inspiration when my hubby & I was in Vietnam and saw our first piece of lacquerware. During that same trip, I visited my family friend’s lacquerware factory. I was dumbfounded by the entire process on how lacquerware is made. For a really beautiful and high quality piece, it goes through an extremely tedious process. I watched as the craftsman painstakingly apply and polish lacquer onto the product layer after layer.

I decided to bring back to a bunch of products to see if I can sell them. If I can’t, then, my friends will get them as gifts for their next few Christmas, Birthdays, wedding(s), housewarming etc etc!

Thus Brex International is borned and Qua (the Vietnamese word for “gift”) is the name of my baby. Today, I am proud to say that Qua offers different assortments of lacquer ware, table accessories, jewellery, beauty and decorative home products, collectors items. It is distributed through 11 retails outlets in Singapore, and we made some headway to Malaysia and UK

The brand “Qua” is synonymous with quality. Our customers can tell the difference when they see our products and our competitors! Qua products were conceptualised as a refinement to lifestyles, featuring exquisite designs and lacquer of a very high quality. It has since become the hallmark of Qua Products, adopted by world class brand name hotels as their range and merchandise. We also have the opportunity to work with many corporates on their corporate gift items when they want something really special, exquisite or customized.

Enough story about us – I would like to hear from you, so that I can learn and grow the company, our products and people. We hope to see you soon in the internet space or at our stockists.

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