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For December, 2009


Company logos are just about the first things that people notice. It is even more challenging when your logo is a very unique one. So how do you score that first impression without shoving your logo all over the place?

Ngee_ann namecard box

Simple. Personalise a gift – a lacquered gift from Qua. As shown in the photograph, logos should always be subtle and discreet. Always remember it’s not your company logo that should take centre stage but rather the thought, the message and the impression that you would like to convey.

Next, try getting gifts that are unique to your country or company. As seen in the photograph, the company decides to make an impression by focusing on their company’s flower. By doing this, they ensure the impression is subtle without any vulgar logo displays.

Remember the point is personalised gifts are great, but personalising everything is not. It’s really how you would like your first impression to be made and not “let’s do it because its cheap.”


Gift Wrapping


This morning, I was just arranging the presents under the Christmas tree in my brother’s home. It is quite funny how my niece & nephew seem to be eyeing the ones that seem to provide the highest “satisfaction” level for presentation. It just shows that however we say not to judge the book by its cover, we all can be fooled by the external presentation.

Presentation can make the gift. I have identified 4 levels of satisfaction for presentation:

  • Ugly – You quickly rip the paper away so that no one sees what it looked like wrapped
  • Ho-hum – they made an effort, barely
  • Nice – the package looks good by itself, but soon blends in to the pile
  • Jaw Dropping – so good you don’t even want to open it, you stick it on the top of the pile so that every one can admire all the pretty ribbons

However, not all of us are blessed with skilful hands. At Qua, all our gifts come in beautiful handcrafted boxes in silk material. This way, our customers can be saved from the headache of gift-wrapping.

In fact, for our corporate customers, we have a further service where they can choose from a variety of fabric swatches that matches to their corporate colours or the gift.

Also, these presentation boxes are so beautiful that many of our customers are using them to store their little treasures. Talk about a gift within a gift!