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Chinese New Year Part 5 – Fu Lu Shou

Chinese New Year is just around the corner yet again! There are plenty of auspicious items that need to be present during this special period of the year, such as, the commonly seen “Fu” sign that is always hung upside down, ba gua tray which is the octagonal box used to place candies and much more.

But, have you ever wondered the significance of these commonly seen decorations used during Chinese New Year?

Fu, Lu and Shou, Three Stars of Blessings, Prosperity and Longevity
Fu, Lu, and Shou are three “gods” that can also be called the “Three Stars.” Separately, they may be called Fu Xing, Lu Xing, and Shou Xing. Just in case you have no idea what does “xing” means, it means “star”. The three gods are legendary stars of blessings, prosperity, and longevity and they have been popular among people for centuries. This clearly shows the traditional culture of the Chinese people who long for happiness, prosperity, and longevity.


So have you ever wondered why does the character “Fu” has to be hung upside down? First of all, the character fu means good fortune, blessings, happiness. It means simply “being happy”. The character is displayed on doors during Chinese New Year and is often placed upside-down, as “turn upside-down” in Chinese means to say “luck upside-down” which sounds like “luck is coming”!

I decided to design a set of lacquered coasters that has these 3 Auspicious Blessing Stars carved beautifully onto them. That’s not all! Each of these coasters is inlaid with mother-of-pearl which makes it stand out from any other coasters that you find! Get yours at Qua now!

HLO_FU,Lu,Shou-low rest
Qua’s Fu, Lu, Shou Coasters

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