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For February, 2010

My visions of Oakham when I was on my way in the train is that it is a sleepy town. Will there be even traffic lights in the town? (that’s how I gauge how sleepy the town is).

Actually Oakham is a typical English town, who boasts of a castle, English pubs, a lake etc etc. I arrived at night, which leaves me with little time to spend with the two Caroles from England. We had an enjoyable pub meal, and of course, catching up on

The next morning, they took me to their shop. This is my first time in the shop, and it is really exciting to see Qua lacquerware in a different country.


If you live in UK, and are interested in Qua lacquerware, do drop by at their charming shop:

61 South Street
Oakham RutlandLE15 6BG

1) Living in UK, and interested in our products? further information about elephant room – contact

2) Interested in carrying our products in your retail outlet?

3) A interior designer?

4) Interested in being our sales agent

Feel free to visit the website: for more details.

I went up to London on 2 February, the worst day to arrive, as it faces the worst weather conditions in 20 years.

This is to see my best friend, Chi Hung. She married Martin, a British and they now have 2 beautiful children, Timothy & Rachel. I truly enjoyed their hospitality staying with them for 5 days. Apart from the Chinese New Year cookies that I brought up for Chi Hung (which she truly missed, and the children enjoyed!), I wanted to give her something really special.

Tim in snowRachel in snow
Tim & Rachel in the back garden playing in the snow

They have just finished renovating their house last year, but many walls remained empty. I thought, what makes a better gift to thank them then to give them a handpainted portrait of the family? We got the photo with the family got a friend to take. So finally after 2 months of sending to my artist the portrait to be replicated, it is finally completed. I am really happy the way the artist has defined the expressions of all the members.

So for a gift that is totally unique, I suggest giving a customized painting. This will really make your receipient say “Wow”.

Family Portrait4
Family Portrait