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Peranakan – Part 3: Marriage

Attending a wedding dinner of a Peranakan couple with a Peranakan-theme marriage? Stressing out on what kind of wedding gifts would be most appropriate? Well, this happened to me as I was stressing over what kind of gifts to get for my girlfriend who happens to be a Peranakan.

Well, fret not as Qua is here to your rescue! We offer a variety of beautiful Peranakan products that are suitable and elegant for a wedding gift.

Paint-Per - low rest
TFB-RT-PER - low rest
Above: Tiffin Box

Click here to view the rest of the Peranakan collection

Before attending your friend’s wedding, I suggest you have some understanding about the culture of Peranakan wedding!

The wedding ceremony of the Peranakan is largely based on Chinese tradition and you can say that it is one of the most colorful wedding ceremonies in Malaysia and Singapore. At the weddings, the song “Dondang Sayang” is well known by all and it will normally be played during the ceremony. It is a Malay song with a beautiful rhythm and they are danced by guests at the wedding party. Someone would first begin the dance with a romantic theme which would be carried on by others, each taking the floor in turn, dancing in slow motions as they sang. It requires quick wit and often creates laughter and applause when a particularly clever or witty phrase is sung by the guests.

So be spontaneous and do not be afraid to dance along if Dondang Sayang were to be played during the wedding ceremony!

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