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Uniquely Singapore – Orchid Gifts

Pondering over the perfect gift to give your foreign business partner? I would suggest the most suitable corporate gift for them has to be something that is related to Singapore so as to leave a deep impression.


What else other than our national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim!

Have you ever wondered how did the Orchid become our national flower? It all started with a lady named, Agnes Joaquim.

“Born in Singapore on 7 April 1854, Agnes was the eldest daughter of Parsick and Urelia Joaquim. Agnes and other family members took a keen interest in horticulture, winning many prizes in the annual flower shows. In April 1899, Agnes showed her hybrid orchid which naturally gained a First Prize. Sadly within three months she was dead having succumbed to illness. Her orchid however, spread like wildfire throughout the tropics and became very popular in Hawaii. In 1981, the orchid was chosen as the national flower of Singapore.” Extracted from Wikipedia

With this, the orchid – Vanda Miss Joaquim, has a very significant value and meaning to Singapore as it represents our country, thus, I believe it would be significant as a gift to your corporate business partners, especially if they are from other countries. They will not only bring back just simply a gift, but also a piece of Singapore back with them.

Here are some of Qua’s desk collection that I would recommend as a gift to your foreign business partners!

Orchid - Red Collection (LBP-023)
Click here to view rest of Orchid collection

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