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For November, 2010


The calibre of a gift tells the receipient’s importance to the giver’s life.  However, only a gift with a personal touch speaks of how thoughtful the giver is.  Like it or not, impressions do count and here are some tips on how to make a gift look more special.

The Box – if the gift does not come with a pretty box, I suggest you purchase one from shops which sell gift boxes.

Wrapping Paper – spend a little more if need be on this. 

Wrapping Accessories – You can use ribbons, flowers, confetti, tissue, stickers, and even small toys to further enhance the gift wrapping.

Card – make sure you convey the message you wish to tell the receipient. 

Sounds pretty complicated, isn’t it, especially since most of us are not blessed with skillful hands. 

At Qua, all our gifts come in beautiful handcrafted boxes in silk material. This way, our customers can be saved from the headache of gift-wrapping.  In fact, for our corporate customers, we have a further service where they can choose from a variety of fabric swatches that matches to their corporate colours or the gift.  Also, these presentation boxes are so beautiful that many of our customers are using them to store their little treasures. Talk about a gift within a gift!

The corporate gift we did for Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) spells “pretty, pretty, pretty”!  The chopsticks are set in a red silk box (DBS colour), and embellished with a gold ribbon with the corporate logo.  When you open the box, you see a message to the recipient.  This is what I call “First Impression Counts”!

DBS Chopstick Set

The inspiration of the mosaic collection is to transform nature to work of art.  This collection brings together recycled mother of pearl and eggshell elements into each lacquer piece, resulting in contemporary and timeless works of art.

Qua has gathered inspiration from both nature and urban environments and translate texture and form into each mosaic piece.

Click here to view the complete collection of the mosaic collection.

Group Pic 2