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Yu-Sheng – My Favourite Chinese New Year Dish

Yu Sheng consists of raw fish mixed with shredded vegetables, condiments and a variety of sauces.  “Yu-Sheng” means raw fish – In Chinese, “Yu” sound like abundance, and “Sheng” sound like rise or increase.  Hence this dish symbolizes increase in abundance and prosperity.

Some people also call this dish Lo-Hei, which means tossing up a good fortune, thus its popularity with businessmen.

Yu Sheng is deemed auspicious because each of its ingredients has an auspicious meaning behind it.  During the preparation of the dish, the waiter or waitress will say something auspicious as he or she adds the ingredients to the dish.

My family’s favourite CNY dish is the Yu-Sheng.  Perhaps it is because it is so healthy, and the thrill of making a mess on the dining table – we normally have Yu-Sheng at least 6 times each year.  This year, I served up the dish on a lacquered red plate, which made the dish even more appealing.


Click here for more information on the lacquered plate

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