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For June, 2011

Introducing a new series of Qua’s Prosperity Plates, where selected indoor plants are chosen for a stunning floral arrangement on our handcrafted plates and vases.  Imbue some energy and colour into your life; you don’t need a green thumb to get close to nature.  These plants have been specially chosen for their durability and ease of care, all they need is a spray of water once every 3 days!

Our floral centerpieces are a great focal point for any home, office or hotel.   Prosperity Plates make for great gifts – send some well wishes and good luck along with a beautiful piece to your loved ones!

Click here for our contact details on how we can help with doing exciting plant arrangements.

"Tie Shu" Rock Garden

Cactus Rock Garden




My customers frequently requests for me to design something that reminds their gift receipients about Singapore.  The Singapore skyline of Marina Bay Sands comes to mind which is our new pride and joy iconic building.  Here, we have business card boxes, memo pad holders, stationery boxes and square boxes which make great corporate gifts.

Singapore's Iconic Skyline - Marina Bay Sands