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For July, 2011

My dear hubby brought me to Joel Robuchon for dinner last week, and it was the most wonderful experience we have had.  Food was just yummy, and beautiful visually.  Watching the chefs at work reminds me of all the cooking shows I have watched…”Hell’s Kitchen”, “Master Chef”.

I was also pleasantly surprised that they have used Qua’s lacquered towel trays and tissue boxes in the toilet.  The lacquerware sure befits the restaurant!

New Mosaic Collection made from mother of pearl and eggshells

It has been challenging to design the mosaic collection.  I wanted to work out something which is very unique, and totally dissimilar with the existing collection we have.  The inspiration came from wanting to recycle and support the green movement.  Eggshells & mother of pearl seashells which are normally “thrown away” set the scene for the design.  I hope you like the collection, which is both contemporary and unique.