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The Ji Xiang Culture

Jixiang or auspiciousness is not a unique idea in the Chinese culture, but the long history and variety of Chinese culture provides jixiang with rich content and forms. “Ji means good deeds; xiang is an indication of happiness.”

The crafts and functions associated with auspicious images are very rich. There are sculptures, paintings, embroideries, prints and dyeing, knitting, metal craft, lacquerware, porcelain, New Year’s paintings, and paper cuttings, along with architectural renderings, garments, containers, decorations, ritual objects, toys.

Qua has depicted Fu, Lu, Shou and Xi themes on the lacquerware representing prosperity (Fu), wealth (lu), longevity (Shou) and Xi (happiness). Though at different historic periods, different themes may dominate, these ones are always close to the common people and were spread widely and consistently in folk customs.

Ji Xiang Sayings

Fu, Lu, Shou and Xi

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