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For February, 2012


We have 4 collections which are suitable gifts which will remind your recipients of Singapore.  They are:

1)     Orchid Collection

2)     Vanda Miss Joaquim Collection

3)     Images of Singapore Collection

4)     Singapore Artists Showcase

Click on the picture to check them out, and call us for a no obligation quote at or 6246 1315



We helped Ministry of Education produce these lacquered boxes which are given to important guests.  The orchid flowers are good reminders of their visit to Singapore.


Gift for Overseas Guests

Tea Box for Ministry of Education

Vanda Miss Joaquim was chosen as Singapore’s national flower in 1981. The designation of a national flower was part of an overall effort to foster national pride and identity.  Singapore has the unique distinction of being the only nation to have a hybrid as its national flower.  At Qua, our La Salle student Queck Mei Chien, has depicted the Vanda Miss Joaquim with subtle and beautiful brush strokes.  Yes, this is the perfect gift premium for your guests to Singapore.  Click here for details of the various products.

Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid Singapore Gifts

This is the perfect gift for your overseas guests to Singapore - Vanda Miss Joaquim keepsakes