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For November, 2012

This Chinese New Year, usher in the year with abundance of luck, good fortune, long life and children with Qua’s new collection.

In Chinese culture, the fish (yu 鱼) is a very auspicious as it symbolizes the wish for “more” in the home or office and the collection will bring the recipient “more” good luck, good fortune, long life and children.

Click here for the complete “Yu” collection.

Carp & Koi Collection


Corporate gifts keeps you in the mind of your customers and creates an impression of your company.
Only if:
– it is not thrown aside/away by your customer
– it is not a common, me too, gift with your logo
– it creates a meaningful connection with your client for a lasting impression
– it individually reflects your company and/or the occasion

Qua has been working with companies to develop the most memorable and meaningful premiums, each piece handcrafted by our master craftsman.

Click here for some gift inspirations you can create with us.