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For July, 2013

Qua had our first debut at the Singapore Gifts Show on the 10 to 12 July.  I must say the response have been better than I expected, and I get to meet some new potential customers who I hope to be of service to them soon.   Here are some pictures of our booth.


Creating the One LIne Singapore Collection has been a great challenge for us.  As mentioned by Mei Chien, our designer, ” I like to draw different journeys across the page without lifting the pen.  It’s usually throw-away art and it is usually a moment of inspiration, which I find most success.   Here is a one-take video on one of the drawings I am happy with.”  This video consists of the Marina Bay Sands, Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid, Gardens By the Bay and The Singapore Flyer.

Video of:  Creating One Line Singapore

Singapore Skyline Gifts & Premiums

Here are some excerpts of our interview with Mei Chien, the artist behind the One Line Singapore collection:

What is the inspiration for these artworks?

Mei Chien:

The Singapore skyline has undergone many changes recently, notably, the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens By the Bay and the Singapore Flyer have made footprints on urbanising Singapore.  I chose these icons, and our all time favourites, the Vanda Miss Joaquim, Changi Airport Control Tower and the Merlion to complete the artwork.  I did lots of online research, including going onsite to check out the various icons and architectures in person to pick out special features to highlight in my line work.

After the research, it took me almost 2 months to produce as I needed to draw in one line.  I start all over again when I make a mistake or not happy with the finished product.  I killed many trees in the process – LOL.

Singapore Gift Premium Marina Bay Sands


Have you done any other One Line works you are proud of?

Mei Chien:

When I was still in school, I participated in quite a number of art and design competitions.  The one I am most proud of is becoming a finalist for the “Hand in Hand 20.10” campaign with the One–line Drawing Contest themed “World Expo 2010 Shanghai China”.  The contest asked Singaporeans to use one continuous line to draw a picture with elements of World Expo 2010, Singapore, China or CapitaLand, and aims to connect Singaporeans to World Expo 2010 through the medium of art. The one–line drawing technique is symbolic of the connection between countries, people and communities.  Being a finalist in the competition, I was very proud that my artwork was exhibited in the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

Description: My drawing depicts a mother and her daughter holding hands. They are running towards the possibility of finding new knowledge. Behind them is the Singapore Pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The World Expo is a platform that showcases ideas from all parts of the world, for the benefit of the world and for mankind. For a child, this may be a good chance to get to know a country; but for an adult, this is a good time to know the entire world. Hopefully, the World Expo can help to bridge our differences and pave the way to world peace and harmony.

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