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Chinoiserie Collection




The opening of Singapore as a port in 1819 established an international trading port for ships plying between Europe and Southeast Asia. During the second half of the 18th century, the rising trade with China brought an influx of exotic ceramics to Singapore that were known for its iconic blue-and-white palette and liquid sheen.

The Europeans knew little about Asian art at that time and held them in high regard. Alongside other regions, they tried to replicate the quality of the Chinese ceramic but often came up short. Because it was incredibly challenging to duplicate, the ceramics were regarded as a highly-prized commodity.

Inspired by the ceramics exhibition at the Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore, the Chinoiserie collection captures the coveted vessels that embodies the heritage and finesse of the Chinese Asian culture. These numerous ceramic artifacts found played an important role in understanding the formation and growth in trade and society in Singapore.

Ivory Nyonya Collection


Our latest collection explores a modern twist to the classic Peranakan tiles. Now available for order.

Nanoleaf Light Panels at selected iStudios stores

20171201 FB Post_iStudio Stockist

The Nanoleaf Light Panels are an all-new smart lighting product designed to help you light up your life, your way.

These easy-to-assemble triangular LED light panels snap together like LEGO that require no holes for mounting. Create your own personalized design and paint the mood in your home through your smart devices.

The possibilities are limitless, get yours now.


 LED Clocks

A clock tells more than just time, it can reflect your personal style and complete your living space.

Complete with an LED display, these clocks have a distinctive look that blends nature and technology. Available in a variety of functions.

20170815 Qua Incentive-Clocks

Oriental Novelties

Made of stainless steel, these novelties capture intricate details of Asian motifs and patterns. They are lovely as gifts, keepsakes or festive ornaments.

20170815 Qua-Oriental Novelties

Sound Art Speaker

Qua Incentives creates innovative promotional merchandise designed to increase the awareness of your company and brand. Put simply, we produce blank Promotional Products that we can fully customize with your logo or company name on them.

It’s your brand with your style, so we make promotional products individually suited to your requirements.

The Sound Art Speaker is a unique wireless flat panel bluetooth speaker. Composed mostly of paper in an ABS frame, boosting superior quality sound with slim shape. Add any full colour print on paper to highlight your company logo. Includes Micro USB Charge cable (2metre) and user manual.

20170519 News & Promo_Qua Incentive

 Nanoleaf Light Panels – Modular Smart Lighting Panels

News & Promo_Nanoleaf Aurora_01

News & Promo_Nanoleaf Aurora_02

Meet the Nanoleaf Light Panel, it’s the perfect lighting product for those who love design, for those who want to improve their quality of life, and for those who just want to add some fun and excitement to their living space.

Unleash your creativity by creating shapes and painting your own ambiance. This easy-to-assemble light panels connect like LEGO and can be controlled via the Nanoleaf app or with your voice through Siri.

Click here to learn more.

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