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For November, 2014


Whole is greater than the sum of its parts -one of the cornerstone of Singapore’s success is the diversity of its population while maintaining racial harmony. We can truly say that this racial harmony and cohesion between the races is unique in the world. To celebrate this unique achievement and represent Singapore at its best, Qua has designed the Harmony Collection, which is derived from symbols of the main ethnic groups in Singapore Malay, Indian and Chinese and Eurasian.

Business Card Stand

Square Trinket Box - 4 designs available. Chinese, Malay, Indian & Eurasian

Letter Rack

Mini Box, Set of 4

Musical Box (Large)

Musical Box (Small)

Stationery Box

4 Compartment Tea Box

Tealight Holder - Available in Set of 2 & Set of 4

Dining Accessories Set - Coaster Set of 4 & Tealight Holder Set of 2

Desk C - Coaster Set of 4 & Business Card Stand


Just started our new counter at the new Metro Centrepoint last Saturday. For the best of Xmas gifts, do visit us there!

Come and visit Qua's new counter @ Metro Centrepoint!

Shelving Before Dress Up

Our Pathlight Artist collection by Glenn Phua

Our Mosaic collection painstakingly made with mother of pearl & eggshells!

The Peranakan collection is the first in the world that blended the Straits Chinese unique designs into a single uniquely crafted piece

Limited pieces of framed Peranakan tiles