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For December, 2014

Qua is proud to present our latest collection, Bedazzled. Created by our design team and is only available from Qua. For the first time, The Bedazzled collection features the unique blending of elements; Fire represented by red with its unique lustre and Water, which in Chinese symbolism is represented by the crystals.

Both elements are painstakingly crafted into the lacquerware by master craftsmen who polish each of the 14 layers of lacquer to achieve its unique lustre, and the crystals created by Swarovski craftsmen to capture the silvery shine to produce the gift that is one of a kind.
The lustre of Qua’s red lacquerware enhanced by the unique silvery shine of Swarovski crystals will brighten any room and bring joy to any household. Add a sparkle to your gifts with a touch of orient! Check out our Bedazzled Collection, or email us at for a full catalogue.

Our new Bedazzled Collection!!

Round Plate with 吉祥 wordings!

Tissue Boxes - available in square and rectangle!

Dining Bowl, Set of 2 with Mother of Pearl chopsticks!

Round Container with 吉 wordings!

Square Vase with 福 wordings!

Wine Holder with 福 wordings!


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