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For January, 2016

Food is one of the best ways to better understand and appreciate a culture. Food also holds a special symbolic meaning in many cultures, and China is no exception. In the Chinese culture, food culture is believed to have a significant bearing on the progression of life. Hence, the Chinese are very particular about selecting food types for special occasions like CNY 2016.

One of the most significant foods that has Chinese New Year symbolic meaning or symbolize auspicious food in Chinese New Year is the Chun He, or the Tray of Togetherness. This CNY symbol is traditionally made up of eight compartments, arranged in a circular or octagonal shape, as the number 8 symbolizes good fortune. For this reason, it is sometimes called as ‘Ba Bao He’, ‘Ba Bao box’ or ‘Eight Treasures Box’.

Each compartment is completely filled with auspicious goodies of significance to the Chinese New Year season. Some common items are:

  • Candied Winter Melons  – signifies 甜甜蜜蜜 or  ‘a sweet and easy life’
  • Lotus Root – signifies  天成佳偶, ‘marital bliss’ or ‘match made in heaven’
  • Tangerine – signifies 吉祥如意 or ‘auspiciousness’
  • Shredded Coconut Pieces – signifies 永结同心 or ‘everlasting love’
  • Sweetened Ginger – signifies 万寿无疆 or ‘longevity’
  • Carrots – signifies 金银财宝or ‘wealth and precious jewels’
  • Lotus Seeds – signifies 连生贵子or ‘fertility’
  • Dried Red Dates – signifies 鸿运当头 or ‘good luck in every endeavour’
  • Water Chestnut – signifies 东城西就or ‘accomplishment in all activities’
  • Pineapple – signifies 飞黄腾达 or ‘great achievement in career or business’
  • Sweet Potato – signifies 黄金满桶 or ‘overflowing pot of gold’
  • Mandarin Orange – signifies 大吉大利 or ‘auspiciousness’
  • Dried Longans – signifies ‘many good sons’
  • Pistachio Nuts – signifies 开心果 or ‘happiness’
  • Red Melon Seeds – the red colour signifies ‘joy and happiness’

In modern times, sweets such as ‘Rabbit’ candy, chocolate coins or ingots are used to represent a sweet and joyful new year and the abundance of wealth during the spring festival.

Some of the traditional gift items that Qua offers in appreciation of CNY and the Chinese culture is the CNY Round Goodie Box, 6 Compartment Tidbits Box and the Chinese Wedding Box from the various collections. Look no further for a CNY Gift Premium or a Chinese New Year Hamper to give your CNY blessings. These are perfect as an auspicious gift of abundance for a friend or business associate!


CNY Goodies

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