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For April, 2016

20160421 Boxes Galore


All of us need our boxes to organize our knick-knacks.  Even better if the boxes are pretty. We have a number of collections that reflect Singapore’s culture & heritage (click on the respective collections for more information):

1) One Line Singapore: Iconic architectures of Singapore drawn in a single line without the pen leaving the paper.  Click for a video on how the One Line Singapore collection came about.

2) Pathlight Artist, showcasing the artworks of the students from Pathlight School, Singapore’s autism focused school.  Royalties are given to Pathlight School to develop their Art Development Programme.

3) Harmony showcasing the diverse cultures of Singapore, represented by symbols of the main ethnic groups of Malay, Indian and Chinese and Eurasian.  Check out how the Harmony collection is created in this video

4) Orchid handpainted by our artisans into each unique piece.

4) Peranakan which incorporates the unique East-West blend of Peranakan tile motifs with the luster of lacquer. The Peranakan collection is the first in the world that blended the Straits Chinese unique designs into a single uniquely crafted piece


This Earth Day, let’s address climate change and protect the earth for future generations.  Change your home lighting needs to Nanoleaf.  With an efficacy of 120 Lm/ watt, it is the world’s most energy efficient light bulb. Each Nanoleaf light bulb has a longevity of 30,000 hours (or average 25 years), which means this is the only light bulb you need to own.

Check them out at Tangs Orchard, Level 4 House of Tang.

Nanoleaf_One & Bloom


Not long ago, Nanoleaf introduced the iconic dodecahedron LED light bulb that was awarded the World’s most energy efficient. This time, Nanoleaf teamed up with the Moomins –a family of roundish characters with large snouts designed by Swedish illustrator, Tove Jansson– to create a new line of Moomin-themed Bloom bulbs, aimed to encourage a new generation of environmentally conscious youngsters.

The Moomin edition LED light bulb is covered with adorable Moomin characters that comes in an eco-friendly Moomin-themed packaging, making it the most lovable light bulb in the market. Complete with Bloom’s dimmer function, this bulb allows you to dim your lights without having to install a dimmer switch. This bulb can also be set to “Night Mode” with the regular on/off switch, creating the perfect night light for children’s room.


Nanoleaf Special Edition_Moomin_02

Get your own Moomin light bulb today! Find us at the House of Tang at Tangs Orchard, Level 4. Click here to view the full range of Nanoleaf Bloom LED Light bulb.