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For June, 2016


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Nanoleaf, the Red Dot Award winner and industry leader in creating the most coveted designer LED products, is launching their Nanoleaf Smarter Kit – an intricately designed and brilliantly engineered starter pack with two Smart Ivy light bulbs and one Nanoleaf Hub that lets you control the lights with your voice. Exhibiting true unity of design, the Smarter Kit is a visual feast for the eyes that merges style and technology like never before.

A Smart Product to Show Off

Electronics may be marvelled at for their logic and precision, but too often they lack style and thoughtful design. Featuring a moulded dodecahedron shape – the strongest platonic solid known to man – the Nanoleaf Hub is the ultimate form of artistry with its simple symmetry and structural sturdiness. With its distinctive design and sleek black exterior, the Nanoleaf Hub is a technological piece of eye candy that redefines the ideas of reliability and security while being something you will want to show off. Rather than an ordinary square, the Nanoleaf Hub takes on a daring dodecahedron silhouette; instead of indecipherable blinking lights, our hub has a string of indicator lights that glow in a geometric shape for a brilliant optical effect that is both functional and beautiful to look at. The Smart Ivy light bulb sets itself apart from all other smart bulbs with its premium matte black finish and signature geometric design. Made of PCBs (printed circuit boards) that have been folded into the simplest and sturdiest structure, its minimal aesthetic is subtle yet striking while its shape offers true omni-directional lighting. The world’s most energy efficient smart bulb, the Smart Ivy’s sleek design and incredible intelligence make it an art statement that fits into any setting while creating just the right amount of contrast.

Revolutionary Voice Controlled Lighting

Imagine instant illumination and customization simply by saying a few words. The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit is one of the very first lighting products that offers this kind of revolutionary control. The Nanoleaf Hub acts as a gateway between your home and the Smart Ivy light bulbs, enabling complete wireless control with your mobile device, including voice commands. Just tell Siri exactly how you want the lights and it’s done. With the Smarter Kit app, users can create ‘Scenes’ to instantly set the perfect ambience simply by saying “Siri, set my lights for movie night” or, “Siri, set my lights for getting cozy.” Whether its bright daylight or warm inviting tones for an intimate occasion, the Smarter Kit will make all of life’s moments the perfect occasion.

Transformative Illumination

“Light is not merely illumination,” says Gimmy Chu, CEO and co-founder of Nanoleaf. “Light is atmosphere, it wakes you up after a night of sleep, it keeps us safe and content, just as much today as two million years ago.“ Chu continues, “We built the world’s most energy efficient light bulb in 2013, but why stop there? I am incredibly proud to see our diverse team innovate beyond the boundaries of conventional standards. We bring you today the first step towards brighter and more revolutionary lighting.”

Get Yours Today!

The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit includes two Smart Ivy bulbs and one Hub. It is available at the House of Tang at Tang Plaza, Level 4.

Click here to view the full range of Nanoleaf LED Light bulbs.