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For January, 2017

During the Chinese New Year, it is almost mandatory to serve guests with food and refreshments. Commonly served in the Tray of Togetherness also known as the Chinese New Year Goodie Box, each food implies special meanings that usually reflect a prosperous and happy year for your guests.


lbp25_dazComplete your Goodie Box with these symbolic food ideas:

  1. Candied Winter Melon, 甜甜蜜蜜 – A sweet and easy life
  2. Dried Red Dates, 鸿运当头 – Good luck in every endeavor
  3. Mandarin Oranges, 大吉大利 – Auspiciousness
  4. Shredded Coconut Pieces, 永结同心 – Everlasting love
  5. Pineapple, 飞黄腾达 – Great success in career or business
  6. Sweetened Ginger,万寿无疆 – Longevity
  7. Lotus Root, 天成佳偶 – Marital bliss, match made in heaven
  8. Pineapple,飞黄腾达 – Success and great achievements
  9. Water Chestnut, 东城西就 – Accomplishment in all activities
  10. Pistachios, 开心果 – Happiness

At Qua, our goodie boxes are made the traditional way. Each Lacquer goodie box is specially handcrafted by skilled artisans. They make great a meaningful gift or a perfect staple for the home. View our range of selections here.