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For June, 2017

Thank you, Alvin, for your testimony! We are grateful to have the opportunity to help a family to save more.

“Dear Nanoleaf,

The bulb you donated was given to an Uzbek man in Central Asia. He’s a farmer and he, his wife, 3 children and grandson live in a simple two-room house which they built themselves.

They thank you for the gift. It will help them a lot to save on electricity.

Thanks again for your generosity.”

- Alvin from Covenant Presbyterian Church

20170619 Nanoleaf One-Charity-01

The Nanoleaf One is the world’s most energy efficient lightbulb. Within its lifetime, the Nanoleaf bulbs can significantly cut down electricity bills, reduce CO2 emissions, all while providing bright beautiful 360° lighting.

20170619 Nanoleaf One-Charity-02

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