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Lucky Deposits for the New Year

Mark your calendars! Expect long queues at cash deposit ATMs as the auspicious day of Li Chun falls on a Sunday, February 4th.

Traditionally, Li Chun is a significant day for Chinese people to celebrate a bountiful harvest with worships and offerings at the start of spring. As time passes, this tradition has slowly manifested into a modern-day Singaporean custom which believes that depositing money at auspicious times into bank accounts can boost wealth for the entire year.

These ‘auspicious times’ is calculated based on your Chinese Zodiac. Here is a timetable for you:

20180115 Li Chun Timetable

吉 (lucky) 大吉 (very lucky). Image taken from ezbuy.

Skip the ATM queues this year and deposit your money into your own personal money box. Embellished with your personal Zodiac sign, each piece is uniquely crafted by skilled artisans only. Got 4 auspicious timings on Li Chun day? With your own money box, all also can! HUAT AH!


View the full Zodiac collection here.

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