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Very Special Arts

Very Special Arts


Promotion on all Nanoleaf products during the SGP Fair (18 to 20 July). Like & Share us on FB to receive a 15% voucher or purchase immediately.




After a brief hiatus, we are back at Tangs with your favourite Peranakan Collection. This time, we have added a new look with a modern twist to the classic Peranakan tiles, our Ivory Nyonya collection – surely, this will look perfect in any contemporary home.

Check them out at Tangs @ Tang Plaza, basement 1.

20180312 EDM_IT Show 2018

Come visit us at the IT Show this year to check out the world’s first high-efficiency, smart, modular lighting kit — the Nanoleaf Light Panels. These light panels allow you to create shapes and paint the mood in your home through your smart devices.

The Nanoleaf Rhythm brings music to life on the light panels and allow the users to experience their music on a whole new level. Come and experience firsthand and save more when you purchase at the fair. Find us at our stockist, Nübox, at booth 309.

For more info on the Nanoleaf Light Panels, check out and like us on Facebook to get the latest updates. See you there!

Carpmael Thirty Eight (38) is a rare freehold residential development located in the Joo Chiat precinct along 38 Carpmael Road.  Joo Chiat is named after Chew Joo Chiat, a wealthy Chinese land owner in the early 20th-century. The area’s identity is especially shaped by its unique pre-war architecture – colourful two-storey shophouses and terrace houses with ornate facades, intricate motifs and ceramic tiles.

Get inspiration from the newly launched Joo Chiat condominium on how to style an apartment with Peranakan accents.







View the full collection here.

20181213 Nanoleaf Light Panels_Her World

Spotted on Her World’s February Issue!

The Nanoleaf Light Panels enables you to control your lighting via your smart devices. The modular panels allow you to create unique shapes and through the Nanoleaf app, you can customize your own color palettes (with 16.7 million colors to choose from!) as well as schedule alarms or triggers to fully automate your lighting.

20180213 Nanoleaf Light Panels-Rhythm-Smart LightingAlso, with the new Rhythm module you can transform music into light for your light panels. The add-on module reacts to music of all genres in real time. Just plug it in and immerse yourself in a symphony of light.

Get smart with your lighting today. View here to learn more.

Mark your calendars! Expect long queues at cash deposit ATMs as the auspicious day of Li Chun falls on a Sunday, February 4th.

Traditionally, Li Chun is a significant day for Chinese people to celebrate a bountiful harvest with worships and offerings at the start of spring. As time passes, this tradition has slowly manifested into a modern-day Singaporean custom which believes that depositing money at auspicious times into bank accounts can boost wealth for the entire year.

These ‘auspicious times’ is calculated based on your Chinese Zodiac. Here is a timetable for you:

20180115 Li Chun Timetable

吉 (lucky) 大吉 (very lucky). Image taken from ezbuy.

Skip the ATM queues this year and deposit your money into your own personal money box. Embellished with your personal Zodiac sign, each piece is uniquely crafted by skilled artisans only. Got 4 auspicious timings on Li Chun day? With your own money box, all also can! HUAT AH!


View the full Zodiac collection here.


The early Peranakans, adopted a practice of incorporating expensive decorative ceramic tiles into the interior and exterior of their houses as a reflection of their extravagant lifestyle and status.

The decorative tiles, usually in floral motifs, would add pastel and vibrant colours into their Victorian architecture houses that reflect the East-West blend of the Straits Chinese. Under the mercy of time and modernization in Singapore, the production of these tiles in Singapore slowly diminishes along with the forgotten Peranakan Heritage, and eventually ceases in production.

This collection explores a modern twist to the classic Peranakan tiles. Now available for order.

Nanoleaf had the opportunity to hatch up a customized installation (using 159 panels, our largest installation to date!) for Spectrum Global – a technology and innovation business club. The idea behind the installation highlights the integrative human role in technology.

Using the new Nanoelaf Rhythm (an add-on module), the installation also reacts to sound and music. Click here to learn more about these cool modular light panels.

Nanoleaf_Spectrum Global_03

Nanoleaf_Spectrum Global_02


Nanoleaf_Spectrum Global_01