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It has been a hectic yesterday.  We are all ready to showcase our collections in Singapore Gifts & Premiums Fair ( and Singapore Gifts Show (  Happening 29 June to 1 July.



Food is one of the best ways to better understand and appreciate a culture. Food also holds a special symbolic meaning in many cultures, and China is no exception. In the Chinese culture, food culture is believed to have a significant bearing on the progression of life. Hence, the Chinese are very particular about selecting food types for special occasions like CNY 2016.

One of the most significant foods that has Chinese New Year symbolic meaning or symbolize auspicious food in Chinese New Year is the Chun He, or the Tray of Togetherness. This CNY symbol is traditionally made up of eight compartments, arranged in a circular or octagonal shape, as the number 8 symbolizes good fortune. For this reason, it is sometimes called as ‘Ba Bao He’, ‘Ba Bao box’ or ‘Eight Treasures Box’.

Each compartment is completely filled with auspicious goodies of significance to the Chinese New Year season. Some common items are:

  • Candied Winter Melons  – signifies 甜甜蜜蜜 or  ‘a sweet and easy life’
  • Lotus Root – signifies  天成佳偶, ‘marital bliss’ or ‘match made in heaven’
  • Tangerine – signifies 吉祥如意 or ‘auspiciousness’
  • Shredded Coconut Pieces – signifies 永结同心 or ‘everlasting love’
  • Sweetened Ginger – signifies 万寿无疆 or ‘longevity’
  • Carrots – signifies 金银财宝or ‘wealth and precious jewels’
  • Lotus Seeds – signifies 连生贵子or ‘fertility’
  • Dried Red Dates – signifies 鸿运当头 or ‘good luck in every endeavour’
  • Water Chestnut – signifies 东城西就or ‘accomplishment in all activities’
  • Pineapple – signifies 飞黄腾达 or ‘great achievement in career or business’
  • Sweet Potato – signifies 黄金满桶 or ‘overflowing pot of gold’
  • Mandarin Orange – signifies 大吉大利 or ‘auspiciousness’
  • Dried Longans – signifies ‘many good sons’
  • Pistachio Nuts – signifies 开心果 or ‘happiness’
  • Red Melon Seeds – the red colour signifies ‘joy and happiness’

In modern times, sweets such as ‘Rabbit’ candy, chocolate coins or ingots are used to represent a sweet and joyful new year and the abundance of wealth during the spring festival.

Some of the traditional gift items that Qua offers in appreciation of CNY and the Chinese culture is the CNY Round Goodie Box, 6 Compartment Tidbits Box and the Chinese Wedding Box from the various collections. Look no further for a CNY Gift Premium or a Chinese New Year Hamper to give your CNY blessings. These are perfect as an auspicious gift of abundance for a friend or business associate!


CNY Goodies

RBP30-FU - Copy

RBP30-005a lowres

Nanyang Technological University, Custom Coaster (Set of 4)

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) commissioned Qua to design a set of lacquer coasters that exhibit some of their most prominent buildings — The Hive, Pioneer and Crescent Halls, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and the School of Art, Design and Media.

Nanyang Technological University_NTU Buildings

Figure 1: (Left to right) The Hive, Pioneer and Crescent Halls, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and School of Art, Design and Media

Each building is specially designed and illustrated by Qua. These illustrations are treated in silver foil on a red/blue base which represent some of NTU’s key corporate colors. The end result? A chic set of coasters to impress fellow guests.

A gift during Chinese New Year carries a lot of traditional meanings and values. Chinese New Year is a time where to the giver, it symbolizes appreciation, deep respect, sharing of culture and passing down of tradition. To the receiver, it signifies deep bonding and assurance of mutual obligation.

While you shop for a gift, remember Qua products only promise true craftsmanship, perfect for those who love to live with style. We have a wide range of quality products that are synonymous with the Chinese traditions.

For a discussion on how we can help with your CNY gifting requirements or a full CNY Catalogue, do get in touch with me at:
tel: 62461315 or

CNY Corporate Hampers

CNY Corporate Hampers


From Incentive & promotional gifts to gifts with Singapore heritage

From Incentive & promotional gifts to gifts with Singapore heritage

Many marketing experts tell me that it is most important to stay on top of your customer’s mind all the time.  Qua is excited to bring unique promotional and gift ideas that are featured in the Office and Home.  So, where ever the customers are, they are reminded of your organisation, product or service. Click on each gift category for more details:

1  Singapore Gifts for the overseas guests and to celebrate our Singapore’s Golden Jubilee
2  Festive Gifts for the Christmas and CNY giveaway
3  Incentive & Promotional Gifts that propogate any brand or message and will reach your target segment on every level
4  Eco Friendly Gifts that sends the message the organisation is environmentally responsible, care for the community, AND innovative too!

The Sound Brick amplifies the audio from your digital devices, without needing bluetooth or cables.  You can also create your custom artwork / logo reaching your target segment, in every level & way.  Also, many colours to choose from to suit your corporate branding.


SO5090P group SO5090P-GLENN


Power Bank, incentive gifts, promotional gifts, corporate gifts, premium gifts, power bank gifts, gadget gifts


Nowadays, people use smartphone for its advanced computing capability and connectivity. With its versatile functionality, it’s necessary to keep it on especially when you are a frequent traveler.  It’s always good to carry a power bank with you because running out of power would be an obstacle and causes inconvenience for emergency situations.

In our Qua Incentive’s Office & Technology products, we provide wide varieties of power bank to choose from; depending on its capacity and size. Knowing the suitable power bank specification for your device is just as important to enhance the usage.

Check out this Power Bank Buying Guide to ensure you choose the correct power bank for your device:

Power Bank

Wine thermometer, incentive gifts, promotional gifts, corporate gifts, premium gifts


A properly chilled bottle of wine is an excellent way to get the most from the taste with your guests, friends, or family.

Introducing our Qua Incentive’s Wine Thermometer, a handy gadget to determine the temperature of your wine. Just slap on this silicone Wine Thermometer around your wine bottle and it will tell you if the wine is the right temperature for serving or storing. The Wine Thermometer also has a button to switch between ˚C and ˚F.

If you are not sure what is the correct temperature to serve a wine, take your time to check out this recommended serving temperature guide:

Corporate Gifts, Premium Gifts, Incentive Gifts, Promotional Gifts

Singapore culture plays a big part in our designs. We are inspired by it when we create new designs for our products. Qua has designed the Harmony Collection, which is derived from symbols of the main ethnic groups in Singapore: Malay, Indian and Chinese and Eurasian.

Take a look at the Harmony Collection’s painting process, inspiration, product types and the Musical Box hands-on in the video below:

We’re excited to introduce our new range of products – Incentive & Promotional Gifts.

This time around, we offer products with variety of purposes from the latest in technology to practical daily products that are suitable as gifts for any occasion or commercial purpose – which fall into 3 different categories: Office & Technology, Home & Travel, and Timepieces.

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Qua Incentive & Promotional Gifts


Power Bank, Corporate Gifts, Premium Gifts, Incentive Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Office, Technology

Power Bank – Power People

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Connector – Connecting Card

USB, Flashdrive, Corporate Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Incentive Gifts, Office, Technology, Thumbdrive

USB People

Corporate Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Incentive Gifts

Wine Thermometer

Corporate Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Incentive Gifts, Luggage Tag, Travel

Luggage Tag – Bag Twist

Pedometer, Corporate Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Incentive Gifts, Travel

Pedometer – Step Run

Speaker, Corporate Gifts, Premium Gifts, Incentive Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Home

Speaker – Sound Brick

Corporate Gifts, Premium Gifts, Incentive Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Time, Clock, Desk

Time Desk

Corporate Gifts, Premium Gifts, Incentive Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Time, Clock, Desk

Time Memo

Corporate Gifts, Premium Gifts, Incentive Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Time, Clock, Desk

Time Weather