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Looking for a Customised Gift?

If you appreciate the artistry and beauty of Qua Lacqurware, you will be impressed by your ability to customise the lacquerware, from size, shape and colour to the designs and logos on each carefully handcrafted piece.

With Qua customized corporate creations, you will be able to present to your clients artistically crafted gifts that you designed from scratch, setting your organization apart from your competitors who are presenting ready-made premiums or machine-made corporate gifts.

Not only that, Qua can advise on the do’s and don’s of presenting a gift, suggesting what might be appropriate and impressive given the context and culture. Do not leave the important task of building your corporate gifts to convenience and chance. Trust Qua as your architect to build your brand upon our impressive range of ornate lacquerware.

For more information on how we can help:

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