29 Sep 2022

Orchids: The Flowers Symbolising Singapore

Corporate gifting to foreign VIPs can be tricky.
22 Sep 2022

The Historical & Iconic William Farquhar Collection

We wanted to be able to honour the rich history of Singapore on our lacquerware.
05 Dec 2017

Ivory Nyonya Collection

Inspired by Peranakan heritage, this collection is elegant and historical, making it the best premium gift for any occasion.
14 Oct 2016

Give a Gift that Radiates a Good Cause

Two very talented students from Pathlight school, Glenn Phua and Leong Tung Seng, have created beautiful pieces of art including high-stamina line-art and colourful acrylic paintings.
27 Jul 2015

Behind the Harmony Collection

We are inspired by Singapore’s culture when we create new designs for our products. Qua has designed the Harmony Collection
29 May 2015

Peranakan/ Nonya Tile Cushion Cover

These Peranakan cushions add the feeling of Singapore's Heritage in the atmosphere and bring out the best even in the simplest of interior designs.
16 Jan 2015

Traditional CNY Gifts: Peacock Collection

Qua has a special Peacock Collection with unique designs that enhance the beauty of everyday things. Their function is not only practical but decorative too.
18 Nov 2014

The Harmony Collection

Qua represents Singapore at its best by designing the harmony collection that acknowledges the racial diversity, giving it a “Uniquely Singapore” feel.
13 Nov 2013

History of Peranakan Tiles

Today, these Peranakan tiles are of a rare sight and truly a collector’s item, making the products at Qua very unique as it was created to preserve and present the finest appreciation of these classical motifs. Through our collaborations with Mr Victor Lim, we were able to obtain these beautiful gems of the Peranakan heritage in limited quantities and create this spectacular Peranakan tiles.
03 Oct 2013

Peranakan Gifts

At Qua, we created a collection of Peranakan lacquerware inspired by the Baba/Nyonya heritage that is well known in Singapore. Below are the products available for pre-order.
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