30 Oct 2012
Corporate Gifts - Festive

Corporate Premiums for Chinese New Year 2013

Qua provides customisable products to make a long-lasting connection and to give a genuine thank you from the bottom of your heart.

Chinese New Year, or “Chun Jie” which literally means Spring Festival celebrates the coming of spring and a fresh start to one’s life.  This was a time for the

Chinese to congratulate each other on having passed through another year, a time to finish out the old and to welcome in the New Year.

In Chinese culture, the fish (yu 鱼) is a very auspicious as it symbolizes the wish for “more” in the home or office and the collection will bring the recipient “more” good luck, good fortune, long life and children.

Carp & Koi Collection

Qua Carp and Koi collection

Take the opportunity to wish your clients a year of abundance and thank their support for the current year.   Completely lost what to give your clients?  Get hints from the Chinese New Year traditions, auspicious sayings and food.

Feel free to contact us at enquiry@brexinternational.com.sg to find out more about our new collections such as the 'Yu Collection'.