How To

20 Jun 2021

Gift for Someone Who Can Afford Almost Anything

Qua is often approached by clients who are looking for unique gifts for high profile customers.
20 May 2020

How to Customise a Qua Gift

From your brand logo screen printed, to bespoke artwork, we can customise your chosen gift in a range of unique ways.
15 Apr 2020

Art of Gift Wrapping

Do you always face difficulty when you have to wrap a gift? Like it or not, impressions do count and the appearance of the gift often makes a difference to the recipient. Fortunately at Qua, we provide gift-wrapping services where all our gifts come in beautiful handcrafted boxes in silk material. This way, our customers can be saved from the headache of gift-wrapping.
01 Mar 2020

Corporate Gifting: Do and Don’t(s)

Do you need a perfect personalised gift to show thanks to a client and suits the do(s) and don’t(s) of corporate gifting?
04 Jun 2019

Gift Giving: Cultural Differences

International corporate gift giving protocols varies with cultures. One that works in one culture, may be taboo in another. For example, a lacquered lamp from Qua with a bamboo design is unique and symbolises business growth – this will be ideal to present to your Chinese business associates!
06 Oct 2015

Clever Gift Wrapping Tricks

Are you someone lazy who wants a clever way to wrap gifts? Click on the website below to find out how gift wrappings can be made easy through 25 ways!
23 Jun 2014

Rules of Chinese Chess

Intrigued by Chinese Chess? Qua has the perfect, unique and exclusive lacquered Chinese Chess board set which shows China’s long and rich history.
20 Nov 2009

Choosing a Corporate Gift for Overseas Guests

Selecting a gift for an overseas VIP can be a challenge - here are some things to keep in mind.