01 Mar 2020
How To

Corporate Gifting: Do and Don’t(s)

The year-end is coming and corporate gift giving provides excellent opportunities to build relationships and thanking clients for their support throughout the year. However, this is no easy task with the dizzy array of choices. Before you set out to find the perfect corporate gift for your clients, know the essentials of corporate gift buying:

1) Check Corporate Policies

Many companies have policies limiting the value or type of gift. Be sure to check, otherwise, the recipient will have to return the gift.  For example, civil servants are not able to receive gifts above a certain value.

2) Giving Some Thought

If you are giving to an individual, it will be best to give him something that he can use or like. For example, think about “what is his hobby?”, “What is his favourite colour?”, “what does he have (or not have) on his desk in the office?”

Even better, personalize it to ensure that he remembers you everything he sees or uses your gift.

3) Consider Cultural Differences

Each country and culture will have its own rules for corporate gift buying. For instance, in China, a gift should never be wrapped in white since it symbolizes death.

We will explore this in a little more detail in future writeups.

4) Spend on Quality Not Quantity

Nowadays, there are too many cheap gifts that we throw into the bin. If your budget is limited, consider giving only to your top 20% clients. Anyway, aren’t they the ones that contributed 80% of your revenue this year?

5) Deliver Personally

Remember this is an opportune time to build a stronger relationship with your client, so always deliver the gift personally.

Corporate gift giving is an opportunity to connect with your clients, strengthen ties, and share your holiday cheer. So if you have any questions, do drop us a note, we can help you to make this year’s corporate gift giving less stressful and memorable for your clients.

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