Our Artists and Designers

We have been priviliged to work with some of the most amazing local designers and artists to create Qua collections over the years. Click on each name to view their collection!

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Kenneth Lee - ART:DIS

From the young age of 5, Kenneth has taken an interest in drawing and sketching different objects. Today, he is a young and innovative budding artist with autism and shows a great passion for art, where he is able to express his creativity. Often found drawing on a piece of paper, Kenneth creates breathtakingly detailed monochrome sketches that showcase his mastery of perspective and spatial design. Each of his works is a skillful combination of scenes that occur in real life and his imagination.

Kenneth takes great joy in seeing his artworks displayed and seen by the public. His most cherished ambition is to become a full-fledged artist, an ambition that is also supported by his parents. Today, he is one step closer to achieving his dream --he has proudly earned the Certificate in Visual Arts, a testament to his talent and hard work.  Click here for a video about Kenneth, and his journey developing the Through the Looking Glass (Qua x ART:DIS) with us.

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Raymond Lau - ART:DIS

Raymond is a vocal and colourful individual, he excels in abstract renditions in both OIl and Acrylic. For him, painting is therapeutic as it helps him find peace and fullness. It is not surprising therefore, that his body of work reveals a gentler, softer side of an outwardly bold and brassy individual. 

Raymond received a BA in Fine Art from the University of Tasmania. He was honoured with the UOB Painting of the Year Award in 1993 and the National Arts Council Young Artist Award in 2001. His work can be found in the collections of President S.R Nathan, Ambassodor-at-Large Professor Tommy Koh, Professor Arthur Lim, Mr Tan Swie Hian, Ms Chng Seok Tin, Singapore Management University (SMU), United Overseas Bank (UOB), and the National Arts Council (NAC).  

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Aaron Gan

Aaron Gan is the 2015 UOB Painting of the Year, Gold Award, Established Artist Category, Singapore winner.  Born in Singapore in 1979, Gan graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Dean’s List) from the University of Western Australia in 2003. In 2012, he gave up his corporate career to fulfil his childhood promise to become a professional artist.

Following his numerous sell-out shows, Gan’s artworks have been collected and commissioned widely both in Singapore and internationally. These include The Prime Minister’s Office, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Library Board, GIC, Wheelock Properties, Julius Baer, The Association of Banks in Singapore and others.

Gan's works have been presented to foreign dignitaries around the world. During Singapore's PM Lee's inaugural visit to the US in 2016, his painting "Balestier Road" was presented to US President Barack Obama.

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Glenn Phua - Pathlight School

Glenn loves doodling and illustrating architecture and scenery. His talent in high-stamina-line-art was first discovered when he was 14 years old. His keen attention to detail alludes to that of Mr. Stephen Wiltshire, the renowned British artist with autism. 

Glenn has produced a vast collection, in the form of art prints and products with unique perspective of famous skyline, as well as heritage landmarks. 


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Queck Mei Chien

Mei Chien was our in-house designer from 2011 to 2016. 

She is a product designer and graduate of LASALLE College of the Arts. In 2010, her artwork was exhibited at World Expo in China. Now we are proud to say she is a founder of Cheese Creative Art Studio in Johor, and a member council of the Malaysian Junior Art Education Association. 

She is the artist behind many of Qua's popular collections -- Peranakan, Vanda Miss Joaquim, One Line Singapore, A Singapore Christmas Trail, The Pond of Prosperity, Harmony, The Golden Peacock, and Zodiac Series.

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Jeanette Ng

Jeanette Ng was our inhouse designer from 2015 to 2018.

Jeanette is a graphic designer based in Malaysia and Singapore. She is a graduate from Lim Kok Wing Malaysia, and enjoys crafting details into her work.

She designed our Ivory Nyonya collection. 

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Bralon Prama

Bralon is a graphic designer with an aspiration for versatility in design. In 2016, he graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts. he has a great eye for detail, and is responsible for our Chinoiserie collection.

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William Farquhar

During his tenure as the first Resident and Commandant of Singapore (1819 - 1823), he commissioned a group of local Chinese artists to depict the local flora and fauna. The collection comprises 477 watercolour drawings commissioned by William Farquhar, during his prior tenure as Resident of Melaka. Farquhar subsequently donated these paintings to Royal Asiatic Society in London (during 1827). In 1933, the collection was put up for auction and purchased by Mr G.K Goh, who donated the entire collection to National Museum of Singapore in 1955.

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Selena Seow - Pathlight School

Selena enjoys illustrating whimsical subjects like birds and botanicals. She has a way of portraying birds in curious moments of stillness. Her birds exude a sense of calm and peace, even though they can be unpredictable and jumpy creatures.

She achieves her feathery details with very well-sharpened coloured pencils.

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Leong Tung Seng - Pathlight School

At the age of 9, Tung Seng began his artistic pursuit by attending art classes at My Favourite Art House, and took up canvas painting with acrylic paint. His style is intricate, bright and colourful. His favourite subjects are buildings and public transportation. 

Tung Seng exhibited his artwork in the International Art Expo at Martrade, Kuala Lumpur in 2007. 


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Aw Tee Hong

Aw Tee Hong's repertoire consists of Acrylic, Oil and Watercolour Paints, Chinese Ink, and Sculpture. Particularly well-known for capturing one's emotions with scenery, Mr. Aw devoted much of his energy in recording the transformation of rapidly urbanizing Singapore. Many of Mr. Aw's large-scale sculptures and wall murals have adorned Singapore's urban fabric. 

The towering "Pioneering Spirit" and "Struggle for Survival" has become the icon of Raffles Place. Other major works include the polymarble mural "Epic of SIngapore" at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station and RIver Merchants at Maybank Tower.