Our Story

Since our founding in 2002, Qua has established a high level of trust with our customers and is synonymous high-quality craftsmanship.  Qua is the defining company for well-made meaningful gifts: our lacquerware is the signature product range of Brex International, the company that owns the brand Qua.  We were the first to bring to the Singapore market a refined brand of lacquerware that offers a range of handcrafted home and gift products, with meticulous attention to detail.

Qua lacquerware is characterized by its distinctive rich lustre and enduring shine. Natural lacquer is a unique material, and producing lacquer by hand cannot be rushed, time and skill are evident in the beautiful finish.

Qua has recently expanded some of our most popular designs into other home décor and gifting items such as decorative cushions, notebooks and pocket business card cases. These have been very well received since we launched them in 2015.

One of our specialties is applying artwork to Qua products. We have been working with special needs artists since 2011. By reproducing their artwork to beautifully merge with our lacquer gift items, we created a revenue stream for the artist and a wonderful gift for our customers that allows a specially challenged artist to do more than just sell one painting at a time! We were the first to work with the Pathlight school in this manner and are now also working with Very Special Arts (VSA).


Qua is the defining company for distinctive handmade gifts and exceptional customer service which will make your shopping experience seamless.


This vision motivates and guides our passion for exceptional service and uncompromising quality. We have grown over the years into Asia and Europe, and we have stayed true to this purpose by continuing to work with top and emerging designers, who draw inspiration from their lives day to day, and our lacquerware craftsman, who are the best in their trade.

Qua offers different assortments of lacquerware, covering tabletop accessories, festive, furniture (by special order) and decorative home products (View our product catalogue). Our corporate clients include luxury hotels, local government bodies, banks and any company looking for a unique gift to give their clients. (Click here for more information regarding our corporate clients and what they say about us)

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