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Stationery Box, Very Special Arts (Supreme Court)
Stationery Box, Very Special Arts (Supreme Court)

Stationery Box, Very Special Arts (Supreme Court)


Product Code: STAT-VSA(RL-SC)
Size: L 23cm x W 17cm x H 4cm
Weight: 510g
Material: Lacquer on Wood

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Collection Description

The Very Special Arts Collection features artwork depicting the Singapore Skyline done by Raymond Lau, winner of UOB painting of the Year award in 1993 and the National Arts Council Young Artist Awards in 2001, a talented individual from VSA’s Arts for Livelihood and Employment (ALIVE) Programme, a programme that is dedicated to providing individuals with special needs access to the arts. The ALIVE Programme aims to offer lifelong learning and career opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as equipping them with the skills and confidence that will enable them to find employment and independence. 

Qua believes in the important causes in Singapore and the non - profit organisations that strive to make a difference, thus in realising our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, all artists from the ALIVE earn royalties from the sale of their merchandise that will support them into having an honourable source of income.

All artists earn royalties from the sale of their merchandise.

Product Description

Qua presents the Stationery Box  from the Very Special Arts Collection. The picturesque and colourful skyline gives off a bright and happy feeling, with Singapore’s landmarks featuring prominently, these iconic sights are celebrated through a contemporary piece to store stationeries, suitable for both office and home use.

Artwork: Supreme Court

Material: Lacquer on Wood

Packaging: Fabric Box