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Tea Box (2 compartments), Orchid
Tea Box (2 compartments), Orchid

Tea Box (2 compartments), Orchid


Product Code: TB-OR
Size: L 16cm x W 12.5cm x H 9.5cm
Weight: 458g
Material: Lacquer on Wood

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Collection Description

Orchids are extremely popular as house plants, garden plants and corsage plants and can be found globally. There are over 20,000 accepted species of Orchids. Since Orchids are so tremendously popular in the floral trade, horticulturists have also created over 100,000 Orchid hybrids and cultivars.

This collection, alonsgide the Vanda Miss Joaquim Collection, does not lack in portraying the beauty of Singapore's national flower. Be it a fan of our blooming friends or not, the Orchid collection is surely the perfect gift and souvenir for any overseas visitor and nature lover.

Product Description

Qua presents the 2-compartment Tea Box (excluding tea satchets) from the Orchid Collection. Drawn by our in-house designer, the flower collection contains a more realistic approach to Singapore's National Flower. Portrayed in a fresh and luxuriant way, the tea caddy is therefore a perfect housewarming gift. It is also excellent for gifting overseas visitors. Suitable for corporate and home settings.

Packaging: Fabric Box

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