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Round Serving Tray (Mandarins), Joy
Round Serving Tray (Mandarins), Joy

Round Serving Tray (Mandarins), Joy


Product Code: TRY-RD-JOY (Mandarins)
Size: D 32cm x H 3cm
Weight: 740g
Material: Lacquer on Wood
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Collection Description

The collection comprises Aaron Gan's newest collection, Joy. He is an award-winning artist from Singapore and his innovative painting style has earned him many sell-out shows and collaborations with international brands. Gan graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Dean's List) from the University of Western Australia in 2003. He gave up his corporate career in 2012 to fulfill his childhood promise to become a professional artist.

His newest series, Joy, features paintings depicting an adorable and whimsical bird looking back amongst a series of beautiful and auspicious fruits and flowers. The backwards glance symbolizes gratitude and appreciation to the people who have helped in the past and the Joy one gains when giving back to society. The art is being applied to a set of 4 coasters, a round tray, 2 sizes of Goodie Boxes, small round trinket box and tissue box.

Product Description

Qua presents the Round Serving tray with the artwork of Mandarins from the Joy collection by Aaron Gan. It will make an excellent and useful decoration for your house anytime of the year, as it adds a hint of colour and has a wonderful meaning.

Mandarins have always been considered a traditional symbol of good fortune(福) because the word orange, when spoken in mandarin, sounds similar to the word “wealth”, it’s orange hue also symbolises “gold”, which makes it a very auspicious fruit. This painting depicts a bird perched on a Mandarin tree branch. This is part of a series called Joy painted by Aaron Gan. It shows a whimsical and adorable bird looking back, as it’s surrounded by beautiful and auspicious fruits and flowers, that backwards glance symbolizes gratitude and appreciation to people who have helped us in the past.

Packaging: Fabric Box

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