• Celebrate the year of Boar!

    Celebrate the year of Boar!

    Celebrate the new year with a gift filled with symbolic meanings would be formative to harness a strong relationship between partners & associates.
    At Qua, we provide a wide range of Chinese New Year gift premiums. Each product is exquisitely handcrafted with quality-guaranteed lacquer.

  • Very Special Arts

    Very Special Arts

    We are privileged to announce our collaboration with Very Special Arts – a registered charity whose mission is to create and provide access and opportunities for people with disabilities through arts.
    This set of merchandise features unique scenes of Singapore and are all the artworks of Raymond Lau, a vocal and colourful individual, and a Very Special Artist. All artists earn royalties from the sale of their merchandise that will support them into having an honourable source of income.

  • Chinoiserie


    Inspired by the ceramics exhibition at the Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore, the Chinoiserie collection captures the coveted vessels that embodies the heritage and finesse of the Chinese Asian culture.

  • Ivory Nyonya

    Ivory Nyonya

    Traditionally used to decorate shophouses, the Peranakan tiles is used to exhibit wealth and status. This collection explores a modern twist to the classic Peranakan tile.

  • Nanoleaf Light Panels

    Nanoleaf Light Panels

    Elevating connected lighting to a whole new level, these light panels are a free-standing, smart controlled, integrative modular triangular LED panels that allows you to create shapes and paint the mood in your home.

  • Qua Exclusively Yours

    Qua Exclusively Yours

    Qua’s premium lacquer commands impeccable craftsmanship made only by skilled artisans, that are made-to-order and fully customizable to your desire. Give a gift that is truly exclusive, only with Qua. Click the banner to get in touch with us.

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Thank you for visiting Qua – the defining company of fine gifts and home products from Asia.

Whether it is a personal or corporate gift, Qua has designed our gift sets to allow you to express yourselves to friends, business clients or family members.

In addition, with Qua’s customized corporate gifts, you will be able to present your clients artistically crafted creations that set you apart from your competitors. Not only that, Qua can advise the dos and don’ts of presenting a gift, suggesting what might be appropriate given the context and culture.

Our designers at Qua understand the importance of making your home a cosy, yet stylish one. Our signature home collection including lamps, dining ware, furniture and decorative home accessories, will set the standard for combining functional furnishings that double up as adorning art pieces.

For our hotel clients, we offer hotel amenity products, such as, platters, trays, tissue boxes, containers, table accessories that add a touch of elegance to any room and table setting. We have worked with many high-end hotels for use in the rooms and restaurants.

We’re always open to customer’s feedback, and we love to hear from you! Simply contact us at enquiry@brexinternational.com.sg

Meng Yee
Founder & creator of Qua lacquerware

Chinoiserie Collection




The opening of Singapore as a port in 1819 established an international trading port for ships plying between Europe and Southeast Asia. During the second half of the 18th century, the rising trade with China brought an influx of exotic ceramics to Singapore that were known for its iconic blue-and-white palette and liquid sheen.

The Europeans knew little about Asian art at that time and held them in high regard. Alongside other regions, they tried to replicate the quality of the Chinese ceramic but often came up short. Because it was incredibly challenging to duplicate, the ceramics were regarded as a highly-prized commodity.

Inspired by the ceramics exhibition at the Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore, the Chinoiserie collection captures the coveted vessels that embodies the heritage and finesse of the Chinese Asian culture. These numerous ceramic artifacts found played an important role in understanding the formation and growth in trade and society in Singapore.

Ivory Nyonya Collection


Our latest collection explores a modern twist to the classic Peranakan tiles. Now available for order.

Nanoleaf Light Panels at selected iStudios stores

20171201 FB Post_iStudio Stockist

The Nanoleaf Light Panels are an all-new smart lighting product designed to help you light up your life, your way.

These easy-to-assemble triangular LED light panels snap together like LEGO that require no holes for mounting. Create your own personalized design and paint the mood in your home through your smart devices.

The possibilities are limitless, get yours now.


 LED Clocks

A clock tells more than just time, it can reflect your personal style and complete your living space.

Complete with an LED display, these clocks have a distinctive look that blends nature and technology. Available in a variety of functions.

20170815 Qua Incentive-Clocks

Oriental Novelties

Made of stainless steel, these novelties capture intricate details of Asian motifs and patterns. They are lovely as gifts, keepsakes or festive ornaments.

20170815 Qua-Oriental Novelties

Sound Art Speaker

Qua Incentives creates innovative promotional merchandise designed to increase the awareness of your company and brand. Put simply, we produce blank Promotional Products that we can fully customize with your logo or company name on them.

It’s your brand with your style, so we make promotional products individually suited to your requirements.

The Sound Art Speaker is a unique wireless flat panel bluetooth speaker. Composed mostly of paper in an ABS frame, boosting superior quality sound with slim shape. Add any full colour print on paper to highlight your company logo. Includes Micro USB Charge cable (2metre) and user manual.

20170519 News & Promo_Qua Incentive

 Nanoleaf Light Panels – Modular Smart Lighting Panels

News & Promo_Nanoleaf Aurora_01

News & Promo_Nanoleaf Aurora_02

Meet the Nanoleaf Light Panel, it’s the perfect lighting product for those who love design, for those who want to improve their quality of life, and for those who just want to add some fun and excitement to their living space.

Unleash your creativity by creating shapes and painting your own ambiance. This easy-to-assemble light panels connect like LEGO and can be controlled via the Nanoleaf app or with your voice through Siri.

Click here to learn more.

Nanoleaf Light Panels for Spectrum Global

Nanoleaf had the opportunity to hatch up a customized installation (using 159 panels, our largest installation to date!) for Spectrum Global, a technology and innovation business club. The idea behind the installation highlights the integrative human role in technology.

Using the new Nanoelaf Rhythm (an add-on module), the installation also reacts to sound and music. Click here to learn more about these cool modular light panels.

Nanoleaf_Spectrum Global_03

Nanoleaf_Spectrum Global_02

Nanoleaf_Spectrum Global_01


Qua Lacquerware

At Qua, we provide exquisite personalized solutions for customers looking for unique corporate gifts to celebrate or enhance your business/brand.

Some of our corporate clients include five-star hotels and international companies. Check out the following for some of the latest case studies done for our esteemed clients.



Custom tea box

• Custom made to size

• Silkscreened logo

CNY Gift Premiums_Custom Tea Box_UOB

 Star Cruise

Custom goodie box hamper.

• Goodie box adorned with Swarvoski Crystals

• Custom sized silk fabric box with silkscreen logo



Goldbell Corporation

Custom goodie box hamper.

• Assorted goodie box designs

• Personalized message card and sticker label


AIG Gift for Top-tier Insurance Agents

Custom lacquer plaque.

• Custom designed to showcase AIG’s magnet brooch

• Easy-to-assemble frame stand


Nikko Asset Management

Custom coasters with original artwork supplied by client.

• Custom fabric box packaging

• Personalized message card

• Feature full-color artwork prints


 The Art Faculty by Pathlight

Custom business card cases.

• Feature full-color artwork prints

• Logo engraved on metal case

• Hot stamping logo on cardboard package




National Council of Social Service (NCSS) for President’s Challenge

Custom William Farquhar Display Stand.

• Custom made to size

• Personalized metal plate with logo and inscription


SMRT Corporation

Custom Stationery & Business Card Box.

• Feature black & white artwork

• Silkscreened logo

SMRT_Custom_Stationery & Business Card Box_01

Supreme Court

Custom coasters with various artworks of the Supreme Court building.

• Feature full-colour artwork print


United Overseas Bank (UOB)

Custom coasters with various artworks of the Supreme Court building.

• Feature full-color artwork print

• Custom made to size

• Silkscreened logo


Tiffany & Co.

Custom goodie box for Tiffany’s VIP customers.

• Custom made-to-size lacquer box in White with Tiffany Blue trimming

• Embellished with Peranakan tiles replica

Case Studies_Tiffany & Co_Custom Goodie Box_03

Click here to drop us an email for a more in-depth discussion on how we can work with you.

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